Narciso Espiritu

Website:  Instagram: @narcisoespiritu  Shop: Big Cartel

Narciso Espiritu Jr. is a person. He's just a person who creates mostly dramatic, sometimes haunting, or menacing, or introspective images. Ok. Here's more. Narciso likes pets so much he makes them into Gooey Mutants, which can be found on his shop or CW Sticker Emporium in NYC. Plus, this sneaky guy kind of recently completed drawings for a comic book called Terrors from the Deep: True Tales of Surviving Shark Attacks, written by Nel Yomtov and published by Capstone Press, and he's in league with the 1001 Knights.

Narc is working on a few creator-owned comics this year, including ASTRO-ONE with Patrick Madden. It's exciting. He's OK.

Favorite Snack

"This is a difficult question to answer. I like both salty snacks and sweet snacks equally, although, I like to keep myself balanced in those flavors. I have a sweet spot for Cheetos (no discriminating between crunchy/puffed/flamin'). Finding trouble deciding whether I like gummys more or dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Did I answer this? I can tell you I don't like Jolly Ranchers as much as anything else."